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college ministries - Dfty
Am I required to attend chapel?
How many chapels must I attend?
May I submit corrections to my chapel attendance?
I work during chapel time. May I be excused from chapel?
I didn't attend enough chapels during the semester. What happens now?
I live off campus. Do I still need to attend chapel?
I was sick during chapel. May I be excused?
I am student teaching this semester. How can I be excused from chapel?
I have an internship/practicum this semester. Do I still need to attend chapel?
I heard on campus I may be excused from chapel if I babysit. Is this true?
Where can I find a list of chapels to be held during the semester?
What is the objective of common chapel?
How was 24 chosen as the required attendance number?
Has this number been modified in the past?
How would your objectives be compromised by reducing chapel attendance requirements?
Do you believe students who are genuinely passionate about Christianity will continue to attend chapel even if it were not mandatory?