Department of Management & Business


Mission of Dept of Management and Business

We fulfill our mission through commitments to Rigor, Relevance, and Reverence

rig-or-ous: (adj) challenging, demanding.

To succeed in business takes both a sharp mind and hard work.

The Department of Management & Business prepares students to excel in an increasingly competitiACBSPve commercial environment by demanding that they prepare diligently, think critically, and act decisively.

Messiah Business is rigorous.

Management & Business student

Management & Business students talk in front of stock ticker and Bloomberg TV

rel-e-vant: (adj) current, meaningful

Businesses is continually changing.

BGraphy hearing, seeing, and doing, students in the Department of Management & Business stay attuned to what’s happening in the business world and understand why it matters.

Messiah Business is relevant.

rev-er-ent: (adj) showing honor and respect

Business can and should demonstrate respect.

Honoring employees, customers, and other business stakeholders is good for the bottom line. Messiah M & B students are motivated to do good in business by an even greater calling: love for God and others.Bible

Messiah Business is reverent.

Hostetter Chapel is a symbol of reverence on campus