Graduate Programs: Art Education

Messiah College's M.A. in Art Education is designed to enhance the skills and abilities of artist educators in grades K-12. Our coursework is flexible and convenient with a variety of course-delivery methods to enhance learning and fit the lifestyle of working professionals. We offer both online courses and art education studio courses. All courses taught by faculty who are highly trained and accomplished educators with extensive experience teaching college level and K-12 students. All courses are eligible for Act 48 credits in Pennsylvania and some meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education Instructional II certification and/or Standards Aligned System (SAS) requirements.

While we are no longer accepting new degree-seeking students, new prospective students who express interest in studying Art Education are encouraged to pursue coursework as a non-degree student during the three years of the teach-out phase. If you are interested in pursuing courses as a non-degree student contact

No longer accepting graduate degree-seeking students

As of May 1, 2013, Messiah College will no longer accept new Masters of Art Education degree-seeking students. Messiah College will be terminating this degree program; however, we are committed to enabling students who are already in the program the opportunity to complete all courses and projects required to earn an M.A. in Art Education from Messiah College. The course sequence up through the spring of 2016 is found here.