Student Financial Services


Falcon Exchange

The Falcon exchange handles many financial and business transactions for current students and employees such as ID Cards, parking passes, many types of payments and refunds.

Purchasing & Accounts Payable


P-Card & Travel Services

Messiah College’s Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program has been designed to allow for the direct procurement of low-value purchases by the end-user through the use of a P-Card. P-Cards eliminate the need for requisitions for small dollar amount purchases, reduce paperwork, simplify the payment process and improve vendor negotiations. They provide greater flexibility in ordering and a convenient mechanism for managing expenses for those who travel.

College Discount Program

Messiah College's Community Discount Program provides both employees and students of Messiah College with the opportunity to purchase retail products and services from local and online businesses at a discounted rate.


The Payroll Office strives to receive, process, route, remit, and retain all necessary payroll information for all groups of College employees.  The Payroll Office supports all employee groups across campus—administrative, faculty, staff, temporary/occasional, and student employees. Additionally we support both employees and the institution by ensuring appropriate tax withholding and reporting is conducted as required by law. On this site you will find many payroll forms available online for your convenience.

Notary Services

The services of a Notary Public, excluding automobile services, are available to employees of the
College without charge.