Messiah College takes seriously its responsibility for upholding standards of behavior, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and for maintaining high ethical standards.  As such, the College and members of the College Community commit to accurately follow the ethical, professional, and legal standards that guide our work, decision-making and professional choices.   The College Community includes faculty (including adjunct faculty), administrators, staff (including seasonal and temporary staff), and students as well as consultants, vendors, contractors, and volunteers.


  1. We are all accountable for understanding and following the policies, procedures, regulations, laws, and standards applicable to our positions. 
  2. We are each accountable for our own behavior and collectively accountable for the College’s compliance with these policies, procedures, regulations, laws, and standards.
  3. Managers and supervisors are responsible for educating colleagues on compliance matters and for monitoring such compliance within their scope of responsibility.


  1. We are all accountable for bringing suspected violations of applicable policies, procedures, regulations, laws, and standards to the attention of the appropriate authority. 
  2. This is a service to the College and shall not result in retaliation against the person raising the concern.
  3. Serious violations of professional policies, procedures, regulations, laws, and standards is considered misconduct and will result in appropriate employment discipline, including possible termination of employment.

Questions & Concerns

  1. Questions regarding the College’s Compliance Program or concerns about compliance may be directed to the Vice President for Human Resources & College Compliance.
  2. Anonymous reporting of compliance concerns is available through the College’s Silent Witness Program at