Executive Committee 2013-14

The Center for Public Humanities is led by a director who is chosen by the Dean of the School of the Humanities. The activities of the Center are guided by the Executive Committee comprised of faculty representatives from the disciplines of Art History, Biblical & Religious Studies, Communication, English, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Politics, and the dean of the School of the Humanities ex officio. The Executive Committee meets monthly during the academic year to review applications for funding and to plan the yearly Spring Humanities Symposium. It has the responsibility for managing the Center’s endowment in conjunction with the dean of the School of the Humanities.

Kate Quimby, Senior Lecturer in Humanities

Jennifer McFarlane-Harris, Assistant Professor of English

Norman Wilson, Professor of History

David J. Schenk, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Paul Rego, Assistant Professor of Politics; Chair, Department of Politics

School of the Humanities
Jean Corey, Director
Peter K. Powers, Dean, ex officio