Scholarships, Grants and Loans

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Types of Aid

Scholarships From Messiah

Scholarships from Messiah College typically fall into the category of merit-based (awarded without consideration of your financial need) and are a form of aid that you do not have to repay.


Grants can come from any source, including institutional, federal and state governments, and private organizations.  Although some forms of aid referred to as a 'grant' do have merit components, grants are usually awarded based on the student's level of financial need.  A true grant is something you do not have to repay.  Make sure you know the requirements for each form of aid you receive.

Other Scholarships

This category typically includes scholarships and grants from other sources outside of the institution or government programs.  These scholarships and grants usually do not have to be repayed, but pay attention to the criteria for each one you receive as some do have repayment requirements.

Tuition Discounts

These are discounts offered by Messiah College, usually for very specific populations of students.


Money for college which you repay after you graduate

Student Employment

Federal Work Study Program and Institutional Employment - wages you earn while in college

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