The Boyer Teacher Scholarship

The Boyer Teacher Scholarship is given each year to juniors at several colleges and universities.  Chosen for their commitment to education and to emphasizing community and service, Boyer Teacher Scholarship recipients immerse themselves in Boyer's works to learn more about his principles and how to apply them in the classroom.  

  • Antioch University 2014-15 recipient

    • Joanna Gallagher
    • Ana Reiselman 
  • Azusa Pacific University 2014-15 recipient

    • Christopher Alertas 
  • Messiah College 2014-15 recipient

    • Melissa Landis 
  • Trinity University 2014-15 recipient

    • Haley Hansen
    • Leah Wesselman
  • Xavier University of Lousiana 2014-15 recipient

    • Kaylan Rogers



On Tuesday, Nov. 12, senior PK-4/special education major, Danielle Pianucci delivered her student honors presentation titled, “Study of Conditionally Admitted Students at Messiah College: Needs and Gains Over Time.” Pianucci reported on the findings of a research study of students that she began fall 2012 and recently concluded with a follow-up study of the same students in their sophomore year. Pianucci was the Messiah College 2013-14 Ernest L. Boyer, Sr. Teacher Scholarship recipient.