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Preparing for Program Reviews

  1. The senior administration has the responsibility to oversee the review process in support areas. In particular, within the general guidelines established in this document, the senior administration will develop a general outline, and specific parameters for all support area work unit reviews.

  2. Each respective vice president is responsible for maintaining:
    1. a comprehensive list of work units to be reviewed,
    2. the stated mission of each work unit,
    3. the goals and objectives of each work unit.

  3. Each respective vice president will identify the “supervising administrator” for each unit being reviewed. In most instances, the director of the work unit will serve as the supervising administrator of the review.

  4. The supervising administrator will establish the work unit review team and identify the person(s) within the unit who will have primary responsibility for leading the review. The supervising administrator will orient the review team to work-unit review expectations, parameters, and protocol.

  5. Before the actual review beings, the supervising administrator and the vice president over the work unit (and in some instances the director of the work unit) will agree on a design plan that identifies:
    1. the unit’s mission, goals, and objectives,
    2. the questions that need to be answered or specific issues that should be addressed under each of the dimensions of the review (i.e., purpose, process, personnel, and planning) in a way that is appropriate to the specific program unit under their supervision;
    3. relevant resources available for answering these questions (e.g., professional standards, benchmark comparisons, survey data, etc.),
    4. the extent and ways in which external consultants will be used in the review process,
    5. a timetable for the review.