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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our department seeks to provide students with an understanding of the chemical sciences that will enable them to continue study in graduate school, medical school, an allied health field, or immediately enter a profession in teaching or in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. As a program Approved by the American Chemical Society, the department offers rigorous courses across all sub-disciplines of chemistry, as well as laboratory and research experiences necessary for preparation as a scientific professional. The unique advantage of studying chemistry at Messiah College is that while investigating the intricate world around them, students also study themselves and their Creator. The department places special emphasis on the integration of the knowledge and methods of the science with what Christian faith teaches us about people and their role in the universe.

Congratulations to Nicholas Tay, chemistry graduate 2014, for his recent National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Nick is a second-year graduate student at the University of North Carolina. His work is in synthetic organic methodologies, with a particular focus on carbon-carbon bond formation.

Congratulations to Julie Fenton, a Messiah College 2014 graduate, for being selected to meet with Nobel Laureates!  A true "rising star in chemistry!"


Congratulations to Dr. Alison Noble for the recent publication of her article, "Experiencing God's Love in a Secular Society:  A Christian experience with socialized medicine," in God and Nature, the magazine of the American Scientific Affiliation. This is what being a thinker and a professor in the liberal arts and sciences is all about!…

Chemistry department graduates of 2016, taking a group picture outdoors.

Graduating Class of 2016

Congratulations to our class of 2016!  On graduation day, every one of them had their plans set for the next year.  How about that!  Four members of this class will begin medical school:  Commonwealth Medical College; National College of Natural Medicine; Pennsylvania State University – Hershey; and a new program, Pennsylvania State University – University Park.  Another graduate will begin her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at Lake Erie College of Medicine.  Three students are headed to Ph.D. programs:  Pennsylvania State University; University of California, Irvine; and the University of Illinois, Chicago.  Another will complete a post-baccalaureate nursing program at Wilkes University.  Two students will continue their work as emergency medical technicians or medical scribes.  The last has taken advantage of the internship she pursued during college and is now employed full-time at Chemical Solutions in Harrisburg.  We wish all of these students the best!  Stay in touch.

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