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Meet the Staff

Payroll Manager:

Don Lerew ~ HRIS & Payroll Manager, (extension 2030)
Manages payroll office functions, running of payrolls, the HRIS system and Student Employment.

Assistant Payroll Manager:

Missy Huntington ~ Assistant Payroll Manager, (extension 2903)
Manages the payroll process and the associated tasks of tax research, tax reconciliations and filings, and reporting to ensure compliance. This position will also assist the finance team with various reconciliations.

Student Employees:

Belinda Conrad ~ Student Employment Coordinator, (extension 2900)
Primary duty is to coordinate and perform student employment functions.

Administrative and Faculty Employees:

Les Weiand ~ Payroll Processing Technician, (extension 2901)
Primary duty is to coordinate and process the administrative and faculty payroll. Also assists with technical reporting, system processing and the other payrolls.

Staff and Temporary Employees:

Wendy McElwee ~ Payroll Specialist, (extension 2902)
Primary duty is to coordinate and process the staff and temporary payroll as well as the student payroll. Also assists with the other payrolls and tax reconciliations.