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Student Leaders Track

Student Leadership Track

"Let's DTR This - Let's Do This Right"

Mitch Wirth and Lindsey Armstrong

      Relationships are fun and exciting, but with the right focus and actions, your future or current relationship could be so much more; it could be the biggest blessing of your life. Whether you are far away from the thought of dating, pursuing a relationship, or already in a committed relationship, stop by as we discuss boundaries and what “holding on and letting go” looks like before and during a dating relationship.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

Alyssa Moreno

      These days, everyone has a “bro” or a “bae,” but have you ever actually thought about the depth of these relationships? Join us as we chat about the characteristics of healthy and God-honoring relationships with friends and significant others, and answer the question, “Should I stay or should I go?”

"hBLT= More Than a Sandwich"

Sammy Bradley

       The one thing that no one can take from you...your story. The bad, the good, the ugly, the romantic, the funny, the embarrassing. Too often we hold on to our stories and keep them to ourselves. Maybe it's time to let your story go, and see what God does with it. This seminar will explore a hook, book, look, and took approach to effectively sharing your story. It's time your story was told. Once Upon A Time...

"Can I Get a Witness?"

Jesse Yoder

      The public school system provides a perfect opportunity for students to share their faith with others, yet many teens are unsure of how to properly tell their peers about Jesus. In this seminar, I will provide students with an understanding of evangelism in their school setting and proper tools to communicate the Gospel to their friends.

"Putting the Pieces Together: Learning How to Lead from Broken Places"

Jonathan Fuller

      We all face times in our lives when we reach the end of our own ability or capacity to "perform." However, God wants us just at this point in order to form us into completely dependent followers. How then do we address our brokenness in our lives with God and our leadership opportunities?

"Falling in Love with God"

Stephen Haverstick

      Yes, it's cliche'...but is God really your #1? In our world, especially as a teenager, there are so many things that call for our attention and the affections of our heart. How can we foster an intimacy with the Almighty amidst all this noise and temptation from idols? Let's talk about how we can tune our hearts to fall in love with Him and model what Jesus proclaimed as the greatest commandment: Love the Lord your God. 

"Finding Solace in the Chaos: Stories from the Life of a Part-Time Burn-Out"

Lindsey Longoria

      In this session, we will explore the importance of rest and renewal within the context of the Christian faith. Coming from a Christian, young adult perspective, we will discuss different spiritual disciplines and how they can be utilized to avoid spiritual exhaustion, or "burn-out."