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Our students focus primarily in two areas, with five specific degrees offered.  The B.S. degree in Chemistry is a professional degree that prepares a student best for either working in industry or going to graduate school.  It can be contrasted to the B.A. degree in Chemistry that requires one fewer chemistry course, and one fewer math course.  This option is ideal for a student who wants to use chemistry as the preparation for work in business, law, or a health profession, or who needs more time in college to pursue a double major.  Teaching Certification for high school chemistry is most easily combined with the B.A. degree, as there are significant education courses, and school field experiences that are required in this major.

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In a similar way, there are two options for Biochemistry.  Biochemistry, by its very nature, is an interdisciplinary degree – with courses required in calculus, physics, chemistry and biology.  The B.S. degree would be best as preparation for graduate study, work in industry, or for application to medical studies at highly prestigious and competitive programs.  The B.A. degree, however, was designed specifically with pre-health professions students in mind.  Courses necessary for admission into medical school, and the MCAT are required in this major.  However, there are fewer upper level biology and chemistry courses. This allows room in a student’s schedule for perhaps the pursuit of a minor, or double major, or extensive study of a second language – something that will set a student apart from others when applying to medical school.

In addition, we offer a 3+4 Biochemistry B.A. / Doctor of Pharmacy collaborative program with the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.  After three years on campus at Messiah College, up to two positions are reserved for Messiah College students who meet the admissions requirements of the University of the Sciences pharmacy program.  At the end of seven years, both a B.A. in Biochemistry and Doctorate of Pharmacy degree are awarded.