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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Information

Q: How do I inform Messiah College of a change of address, name, phone number, or emergency contact information?

Q: How does the Payroll Office keep my personal information secure?

Forms and Deadlines

Q: What are the form submission deadlines for such items as: timesheets, administrative leave reports, new employee forms, Payroll Change Forms and other payroll-related items?

Q: I am unsure of when to pay an individual through Payroll versus Accounts Payable. Is there a checklist to be followed?

Time Sheets

Q: How should student employee time sheets be completed?

Q: How does the College pay for holidays and Christmas closed days, both worked and unworked?

Q: How does the College pay for closing or dismissing early for inclement weather or other emergency closings.

Pay Stubs

Q: What do all those codes mean on the paper pay stub?

Employee Self-Service

Q: What is available through Employee Self-Service?


Q: What is the Local Services Tax (LST)?

Q: When will I received my W-2 annual income statement?

Q: Where can I get help completing and filing my tax returns with the government?

Q: Why did my taxes change?

Q: How do I change my federal tax withholdings?

Q: Am I exempt from federal income tax withholdings?

Child Labor Law

Q: Where can I find summary information related to the laws for employing minors?