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Academic Programs

It could be argued that the family is one of the basic building blocks of society, and as such, a crucial element for the success of our society as a whole, and the overall functioning of our Church within that society. In response to this assertion, our programs help to prepare Christians to enhance individual and family well-being.

Human Development & Family Science (B.A.)
Family & Consumer Sciences Education (B.S.)
Child and Family Services (B.A.) (for TEACH students only)
Children & Youth Services
Multicultural Families
Pre-Counseling and Therapy
Gender Studies
Certification Only
Students who already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university can earn his/her teaching certification in Family & Consumer Sciences Education (Grades K-12). Learn more.

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    Certified Family Life Educator Designation (CFLE)
    Students in both of our majors are eligible to receive the provisional CFLE designation from the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) upon graduation. Learn more.

    Department Honors
    Any qualified student in one of our majors who successfully completes an independent research project in his/her senior year will graduate with Department Honors and receive special recognition at commencement. Learn more.

    Did you know that the Human Development & Family Science program at Messiah College …
    Did you know that the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program at Messiah College …
    Did you know that the Child and Family Services program at Messiah College …