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Academic Programs

The department offers majors that fulfill the mission of the College and the department:


  • Computer and Information Science (B.S.) - If thinking creatively and critically to solve complex problems excites you, and you enjoy just tinkering with technology, then Messiah College’s computer and information science major might be right for you. Discover how your Christian faith and interest in computing will work hand-in-hand in your future professional decision-making. And at Messiah, your professors and our state-of-the art facilities will also encourage and support the technology research, experimentation, and creative problem solving you’ll need to compete for a successful career in government, industry, manufacturing, automation, computing, missions, or many other organizations that rely on computer technology. There are four concentrations within this major:
  • Mathematics (B.A.) - Mathematics majors learn to appreciate the logical beauty of mathematical thought and how to use it to solve many kinds of problems. After they have taken the foundational courses, students choose from theoretical and applied courses as they pursue career objectives. Through the internship program, they may gain practical experience. Graduates are prepared for employment in a variety of settings in industry, business, government, or graduate study. The quantitative skills of the mathematics major are valued in science, industry, and business.
  • Mathematics with Secondary Certification (B.A.) - By taking the sequence of education courses along with mathematics courses, students can be certified to teach secondary mathematics. Qualified mathematics teachers are in demand, and graduates seeking teaching positions have had a 100% job placement record in the last decade.
  • Physics - With a strong theoretical and applied core of courses, you’ll be ready for a career in industry, education, government, or for graduate school where you’ll be well prepared to specialize in a variety of fields.
  • Students in our physics major may take all major courses at the Grantham Campus and during the summer you even may be able to participate in summer research funded by the National Science Foundation.  Our Bachelor of Arts in physics provides you with a rigorous, multi-faceted educational experience combined with a solid introduction into computer science and statistics—all in a Christian context.

Double Majors:


  • Business Information Systems
    • Practitioners of BIS begin with a real world business or client problem and design, build, and refine a system to solve that problem using data, technology, and a knowledge of life cycle development and project management. The client may be a for-profit or non-profit organization, government, educational system, or a Christian service organization. BIS is one of many fields that pairs well with our mathematics and mathematics education major.
    • For MATH or MATT majors, the BIS minor requires only 5 additional courses, beginning with BIS 230 which is offered every semester.
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
    • A Statistics minor prepares one for entry level statistical positions in business, government, industry, and research.
    • A Statistics minor in conjunction with a Mathematics major is quite beneficial as preparation for a career in actuarial science.
    • A Statistics minor in conjunction with a Mathematics major prepares one to pursue study in a strong graduate program in statistics.