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The programs offered by the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies provide students with the means for maturing academically and spiritually as individuals and as future Christian leaders.

The department currently offers two majors: Biblical and Religious Studies, and Christian Ministries. In addition to these majors, we offer eight minors: African-American Religion and Culture, Bible, Congregational Ministries, Cross-cultural MinistriesReligion, Theology, World Christianity and Youth Ministries.

Each of our majors and minors emphasizes critical thinking and scholarly skills. Some add practical components that prepare our students to enter various forms of Christian ministry right after graduation. It is not surprising that our graduates have been extremely successful in finding ministry-oriented employment and in gaining admission to prestigious graduate schools, law schools, and seminaries.

Messiah's Department of Biblical and Religious Studies is committed to helping you become a more thoughtful, committed disciple of Jesus Christ, ready to face the challenges of the future. To talk with someone about the department's programs, contact Prof. Brian Smith, at (717) 796-1800, ext. 7088.

Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
African American Religion and Culture   African American Religion and Cultureis a minor checked      
African and African American Studies     African and African American Studiesis a concentration    
Asian Studies     Asian Studiesis a concentration    
Bible   Bibleis a minor checked Bibleis a concentration    
Biblical and Religious Studies B.A. Biblical and Religious Studiesis a major        
Christian Ministries B.A. Christian Ministriesis a major        
Congregational Ministries   Congregational Ministriesis a minor checked Congregational Ministriesis a concentration    
Cross-Cultural Ministries   Cross-Cultural Ministriesis a minor checked Cross-Cultural Ministriesis a concentration    
Ethnic and Area Studies B.A. Ethnic and Area Studiesis a major Ethnic and Area Studiesis a minor checked      
Peace and Conflict Studies B.A. Peace and Conflict Studiesis a major Peace and Conflict Studiesis a minor checked      
Religion   Religionis a minor checked Religionis a concentration    
Theology   Theologyis a minor checked Theologyis a concentration    
U.S. Ethnic Studies     U.S. Ethnic Studiesis a concentration    
World Christianity   World Christianityis a minor checked World Christianityis a concentration    
Youth Ministries   Youth Ministriesis a minor checked Youth Ministriesis a concentration    

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