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Meet Our Students

Portrait of Kelsey Kreider

Kelsey Kreider

Biblical & Religious Studies with Bible concentration

Kelsey Kreider chose her major because she doesn't see what could be more important or more interesting to study for 4 years than the Bible. For Kelsey, taking Encountering the Bible during her first year at Messiah really showed that even if you grow up with the Bible, you can know very little about it. From its history, its contents, and writers, being a Biblical and Religious Studies major lets you learn so much more about the Bible than you ever thought you could learn. This knowledge of the Bible lets your faith grow into a more mature, deeper faith that makes your Christian walk seem more grounded. What Kelsey enjoys most about the program at Messiah is the professors. She has yet to meet a professor that doesn't care immensely for their students. Every professor in the BRS department is willing to sit down with students and talk. They take a genuine interest in not only your academic life, but your personal life as well. Their experience and advice is a huge gift. She also appreciates how many classes she has to take with Christian ministry majors because she thinks they tend to view the Bible very differently from herself as a BRS major. They tend to be more spiritual about it and this diversity found in class helps remind her that there is a devotional side of the Bible. Current Involvement. When she graduates, Kelsey plans on using the critical thinking skills that she is gaining through her major to get a job that she enjoys. While she does not plan on going into ministry, the knowledge she gains from her degree will help her for her entire life. Kelsey hopes to be an asset to the church she becomes a member of, in helping lead Bible study or teaching Sunday school and doing these things in a way that goes beyond flannel graph and VeggieTales.


Kelsey serves as an officer in the Biblical & Religious Studies honors society, TAK.

Portrait of Taylor Pfaff

Taylor Pfaff

Christian Ministries

Taylor Pfaff is a sophomore Christian Ministries major who has felt a call to ministry in his life and believed that Messiah College would be the best place to prepare himself for that. He has come to enjoy the truly open-minded nature of professors that he has encountered in the Biblical and Religious Studies Department. Taylor is currently a freshman RA on campus which is providing him with ministry experience that consistently connects with what he is being taught in classes. He is also serving as a Youth Intern at a local Brethren in Christ church which is providing valuable exposure to ministry and continues to build on his in class learning. Taylor hopes to enter into an associate or senior pastor role after graduation as well as continuing his education to prepare and qualify him for everything he hopes to accomplish. 

Portrait of Hannah Pratt

Hannah Pratt

Christian Ministries

Hannah Pratt felt that she was being called into ministry and is currently a sophomore Christian Ministries major in hopes of preparing herself for her calling. So far what she appreciates about her experience at Messiah College is the practical application to ministry that she encounters in her classes. Studies don't strictly focus on theology, spirituality, and ecclesiology; there is always application to ministry and everyday life included in the material she is learning. Hannah also loves the professors that she has the pleasure of learning from and believes they are incredible people who truly care about each student's personal and academic endeavors. Upon graduation, she is planning to attend Seminary and is currently shadowing a pastor for field experience which has helped teach her about practical ministry. 

Portrait of Josh Wood

Josh Wood

Christian Ministries

Joshua Wood came to college, like most students, unsure of what God was leading him too. He started volunteering at a local church he began to notice that serving was the greatest source of joy and strength in his week. This realization really led him to choose a Christian Ministries major and he is currently a junior. There is no question that the professors are what he enjoys most about Messiah College. He has never met a greater group of men and women in all his life. With the utmost sincerity He can say that he has a personal face-to-face relationship with each and every one. There is not a single professor in this entire department that he could not, at present, walk in to their office and share his burdens with. It has been a constant source of joy in his life, and he is delighted that he is privileged enough to call his professors his friends. Josh is currently on the middle-school and high-school teaching teams at West Shore, as well as a member of faculty search committees seeking to hire new ministers to the church. He is also a student leader in the AROMA Sport's Ministry group (an aspect of the Messiah Athletic Department), and is interning currently in the same role. After graduation, Josh hopes that he can be an encouragement to those who are downtrodden, discouraged, and hopeless. He hopes that Christ will fill him with HIS love, so that he might share "comfort those in any trouble with the comfort [he] receive[s] from God". Josh knows that in our sufferings we are not alone and he has made it his life mission to make that known. For now, he plans to live in a low-incoming housing complex this coming summer in Mechanicsburg in order to grow closer to some Somalian boys he have a heart for in that neighborhood. With God's blessing he hopes to carve out a foothold in a place that needs light. It is his desire to see these boys grow and mature with positive role models around them.

Portrait of Logan Singerman

Logan Singerman

Christian Ministries

Logan Singerman is a senior from Wethersfield, Connecticut, headed into full-time pastoral work. Logan has used his years on campus to look for ways to serve God and his fellow students. This year he serves as the Student Body Chaplain, and during his junior year he and other BRS majors developed Zugos, a peer-mentoring group and tutoring service for students in our general education bible, theology, and religion classes. Logan also serves as a BRS diplomat, which gives him the opportunity to speak with prospective students about his experience at Messiah College.

Portrait of Addie Zuccarini

Addie Zuccarini

Biblical & Religious Studies with a Bible concentration

Addie Zuccarini first started at Messiah as a Math Education major. After taking Bible classes during her first year she was surprised by the wonderful experience learning from the professors in the Biblical and Religious Studies department and began to discover a passion for learning more about God's word and all the truth that could be learned from diving into it in an academic setting. She chose to change her major because she found a joy in learning that she had not previously experienced in her other college courses. She is currently a junior Biblical and Religious Studies major with a Bible concentration. What she enjoys most about the program at Messiah is the way it has challenged her to deepen her understanding of God's word and more fully develop her personal thoughts and interact with the text in new ways. The professors in the department are fabulous and she thoroughly enjoys the relationships that she has with each one of them. They are genuine people who care for each of their students and desire them to cultivate as much as possible from class.