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Frequently Asked Questions

Transferring into the Nursing Major

How do I apply to the nursing major as a transfer student from another college?
Is it possible to transfer credits from another college into the nursing major?
If a student transfers credits, how long does it take to complete the nursing major?


What hospitals/agencies do you use for clinical experience?
How much clinical time do students have in your nursing program?
How do students travel to off-campus clinical agencies for their clinical experiences?
How large are clinical groups?
Do full-time faculty teach/supervise clinical experiences in hospitals and clinical agencies?


Do you admit a large number of students to the nursing program, and then "weed-out" students in the early semesters of the program?
Is it possible to specialize in one area of nursing while getting a baccalaureate degree in nursing?
Do you have evening classes?
Can you attend part time?


What help do you provide for students to assist them with the NCLEX-RN?


Are there nursing scholarships available?


Is it possible to play sports and be a nursing major?


Is it possible to have a minor area of study while studying for a nursing major?

International Study

Is it possible to study abroad in the nursing major?


Do you have a program for RNs to get their BSN?

Graduate Education

Have graduates been successful being admitted and graduating from master's programs in nursing?
May I get a master's degree in nursing at Messiah College?