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Alumni - Department of Social Work

Meet our graduates

  • Jamie Ergas-
    Jamie Ergas ’07 Rapid Exit Coordinator

    Upon graduation from Messiah College, I attended the University Of Maryland School Of Social Work to pursue a master's degree through the advanced standing program.

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  • Jessica Frederick-
    Jessica Frederick ’07 Field worker for Christian Peacemaker Teams

    My social work background has been helpful to me as I live my vocation. The social work values of cultural competence and empowerment continue to radically shape and inform my life's journey, work, and relationship with the world.

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  • Katie Keith-
    Katie Keith ’04 Mental Health and Disabilities Consultant

    In the field of social work, I never know what issues I may be dealing with on any given day. Because social work at the undergraduate level works from a generalist perspective, my training has allowed me to be effective with many different populations and many issues.

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  • Mike Ortiz-
    Mike Ortiz ’07 Transitional Living Coordinator

    When I looked at returning to school, I wanted to find a major that matched my strengths and interests. Social Work has done this for me. I think it has prepared me for my vocation through helping me to develop my worldview and strengthen some of my values.

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  • Sarah Witmann-
    Sarah Witmann ’08 Intercultural Programs Coordinator

    I haven’t furthered my education through graduate studies yet. However, I believe the education I received at Messiah was an excellent preparation to working in the social work field.

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