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FAQs for the Department of Social Work

Q - What can I do with a social work degree?
Q - How much do social workers make?
Q - What jobs can you get in the social work field?
Q - What do social workers do?
Q - What’s the difference between Psychology and Social Work?
Q - Why choose Social Work instead of Sociology?
Q - Do social workers need to be licensed?
Q - Many people assume that all social workers do is take kids out of their homes. How is that assumption wrong and what other jobs do social workers hold?
Q - I hear a lot about social workers being ‘burnt out.’ What does this term mean, and how can it be prevented?

FAQ's for the Messiah College Social Work Program

Q - What are some advantages that come with acquiring my degree from Messiah College?
Q - Do students in the Messiah Social Work program have any clubs or activities?
Q - Is there a community within the Social Work Program?
Q - How confident will I be after leaving the program? Social Work seems like a good fit for me, but I am apprehensive because I do not want to mess up others lives.

FAQs for Social Work graduation

What is Advanced Standing?
What is an LSW, LCSW?
How do I request for Recommendation Letter from Faculty?