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Degree programs - Department of Business

Our academic programs

As a business major at Messiah College, you will learn how the various parts of an organization work together to accomplish a common mission. To do so, you will become familiar with each of the main functional areas of an enterprise, which include: accounting, finance, management, and marketing. You also will be able to take advantage of many exciting learning opportunities outside of the classroom including internships and clubs. Ultimately, you will learn how to plan, manage, and lead in ways that are consistent with your Christian faith in order achieve organizational purpose that extends beyond profit.

Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
Accounting B.S. Accountingis a major Accountingis a minor checked      
Business (Economic Development)     Business (Economic Development) is a concentration    
Business Administration B.S. Business Administrationis a major Business Administrationis a minor checked      
Economic Development B.A. Economic Developmentis a major Economic Developmentis a minor checked      
Economics B.S., B.A. Economicsis a major Economicsis a minor checked      
Entrepreneurship     Entrepreneurshipis a concentration    
Finance B.S. Financeis a major Financeis a minor checked      
Human Resource Management   Human Resource Managementis a minor checked Human Resource Managementis a concentration    
International Business B.S. International Businessis a major        
Leadership   Leadershipis a minor checked Leadershipis a concentration    
Marketing B.S. Marketingis a major Marketingis a minor checked      
Public Policy     Public Policy is a concentration    
Sustainability (Economic Development)     Sustainability (Economic Development) is a concentration    
Technology and Operations Management     Technology and Operations Managementis a concentration