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The Psychology Department hosts several events each year. Several of these events are listed below:

Psychology events imageWelcome Back Pizza Party

This is a Psychology student favorite as the Psych Department invites all psychology majors to a pizza party to kick off the new school year! During the Pizza Party, the department - including faculty as well as psychology students - welcome the new first year psychology majors to the program.

Doing Psychology

At this Department activity, a Messiah graduate and current professional in the field of psychology joins students for an evening of discussion about his/her line of work. The Psychology Department offers this event as a way to present students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the field of psychology; through interaction with Messiah graduates who are thriving in the work force, students can envision how the education they receive now will apply and lead to their future careers.

Minds Matter

Throughout the year, Messiah's student-led Minds Matter club will host various discussions and events focused on starting and continuing the conversation about mental health.

Poster presentations

Each semester, students in various psychology classes conduct survey or experimental research as part of the coursework. Their findings are then displayed on posters, which will be presented on a special day set aside to allow the entire campus - and community - a chance to view their results. Students have the opportunity to represent their research and interested students and community members can ask questions or discuss the research findings with the class members.

Senior Honors Presentations

Some students choose to complete an honors project during their education at Messiah College. These projects require many hours of hard work and dedication, and students are proud to finally present their projects at their completion. Senior Honors Presentations are open to all psychology students and faculty, and often take place twice during the school year to account for December graduates and May graduates.

Accepted Students Preview Day

This is a campus-wide event in which the college welcomes and invites accepted students to experience Messiah before making their final decision about where to attend college. The Psychology Department takes this opportunity to present the strengths of the department and psychology program to accepted students.

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