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Nutrition & Allergy Information

Nutrition & Allergies

Welcome to the Dining Services Nutrition & Allergies Information Page!  We are excited to introduce NetNutrition® to assist you with nutritional data.  NetNutrition® is a program designed to:

  • View daily menus
  • Identify and select well-balanced meals
  • View the nutritional content and ingredients of your selections
  • Filter out foods containing allergens and/or intolerances
How to Use NetNutrition® to Manage Your Food Allergy
How to Use NetNutrition® for Preferences
How to Use NetNutrition® in Meal Planning
NetNutrition® Miscellaneous Information

Healthy Eating in College - Yes, it can be done!

We want you to stay healthy during your college years.  Eating right is an important step.  Here are some tips!

The Culinary Team at Messiah College takes great care to provide healthy, balanced eating options in all our dining facilities. Make the choices that best work for youPlease click on the topics below to read more about how we can assist you with your dining experience at Messiah College.

Nutrition Fact Label

Click the above to learn more about reading and understanding the nutrition fact labels


Food Allergies
Ordering an Allergen-Free Meal
Nutritional Content & Information
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Information on Nutrition & Allergy Information