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Parking Related Questions

Can new students to Messiah College have a vehicle on campus?

Incoming first year students that live further away than 250 miles and upper classmen may be permitted to have a vehicle on campus.  Students need to apply for parking and a decision will be made based on the distance away from the college and the availability of parking spaces in student lots.  Incoming first year students living closer than 250 miles away are not permitted to have a vehicle at Messiah College.  Further questions should be directed to the Student Vehicle Registration web page at:

Where can a visitor to Messiah park?

Visitors may park in Lot VV  (by Eisenhower) or in visitor spots throughout campus. They should proceed to pick up a visitor or temporary permit from the Dispatch Office (located on the main level of the Eisenhower Campus Center). A visitor's permit is free, and a temporary permit is free for 3 days.

What should a student, who is bringing an unregistered vehicle to campus, do?

You should register for either a temporary parking permit valid for up to 3 days or a permanent parking permit. If during business hours, please apply for either permit type at the Falcon Exchange.  After hours and on the weekend you may apply at Dispatch Services for a temporary permit valid up to 3 days and then report to Falcon Exchange on the next business day.  To register a vehicle you need to supply the following information: Make/Model, Color, Driver License #, Insurance Policy # and Company.  Please refer to the Student Vehicle Registration web page for additional Temporary Parking Permit details at:

If my vehicle was towed for parking illegally, what do I have to do to recover it?

Contact Safety to find out where your vehicle was towed. You will be responsible for the cost of towing the vehicle, and any storage costs. Additionally, you also may be assessed fines for the act that led to the towing.

Why are first year students not allowed to have a vehicle on campus if they live closer than 250 miles to school?

Our student parking facilities are not adequate for every student to have a car on campus. Priority is given to upper classmen and/or those with disabilities.

Do I need to pay for a permit if my vehicle is here for fewer than 3 days?

You may apply for a temporary parking permit one time for up to 3 days at no charge.  If during business hours, please apply at the Falson Exchange.  After hours and on the weekend you should apply at Dispatch Services.  To register a vehicle you need to supply the following information: Make/Model, Color, Driver License #, Insurance Policy # and Company.  Please refer to the Student Vehicle Registration web page for additional Temporary Parking Permit details at:

How much does a parking permit cost?

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If my assigned parking lot is full, what should I do?

Contact Safety (X6005) and inform them that your lot is full. Then proceed to the overflow lot Starry Field which is across from the covered bridge. Escorts can be requested between dusk and dawn.

General and Miscellaneous Questions

What are the Department of Safety Office hours and how do I contact an officer?

There is an officer on duty 24 hours a day, every day. If you need assistance or wish to speak to the officer on duty, call Safety (x6005) and the dispatcher will either have an officer contact or meet you. The Safety Office can be reached from off campus by dialing (717) 691-6005.

Where is the Department of Safety Office?

The Department of Safety's office is located at 432 Grantham Rd. adjacent to the main entrance of the college. When you make the right onto Grantham Road from Lisburn Road, follow Grantham Road by turning right before you cross the bridge to come onto campus. Our office is in the brown house on the right side. The house is directly behind the red brick "Messiah College" sign. The Dispatch Office - staffed 24 hours a day - is located inside the front doors of Eisenhower Campus Center.

Can Safety help me if my battery goes dead?

The Dispatch Office  (located on the first floor in Eisenhower) can supply a portable battery and cables to jump-start a dead battery. You need to come to the office with your ID card and sign out the necessary equipment.

If a student is arrested, cited, or disciplined, are the parents notified?

The Department of Safety generally does not notify the student's parents. That decision and responsibility is handled by Residence Life and the Dean of Students. However, if we are advised by the Dean of Students to contact the parents, we will do so.

What is the most prevalent crime on campus, and what can be done to prevent it?

Theft of unattended property is easily the most pervasive crime on campus. The phrase "Lock It or Lose It" sums up the most effective defense to this growing nuisance. Never leave a bike unlocked, or a room unlocked, if you are not in the immediate vicinity. Keep personal items (e.g. money, book bags, laptops, etc.) with you, don't leave them lying around. The vast majority of items stolen were left unattended, and unsecured. If you would like specific information please contact the department.