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Degree programs - Department of Modern Languages

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Modern Languages at Messiah College offers programs of study in the languages, literature and culture of the respective countries that the languages represent.

The program is designed to develop linguistic competence and critical skills as well as a profound appreciation of the culture and civilization of the world.

Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
Chinese Business B.A. Chinese Businessis a major        
Chinese Studies B.A. Chinese Studiesis a major Chinese Studiesis a minor checked     Chinese Studiesis a certification program
French B.A. Frenchis a major Frenchis a minor checked     Frenchis a certification program
German B.A. Germanis a major Germanis a minor checked     Germanis a certification program
Spanish B.A. Spanishis a major Spanishis a minor checked     Spanishis a certification program
Spanish Business B.A. Spanish Businessis a major