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Our Alumni

Alumni 1

Our Alumni

Welcome to the alumni page! Learn about the many opportunities and career paths available to our majors through the stories of some of our alumni.  We have arranged this list by employment sectors, which can be viewed on the left-hand menu. You can also see a breakdown of what our alumni are doing in the charts below.

infographic - Whatourgraduatesaredoing
faus - Lawschool16 1
faus - Graduateschool37 1
faus - Relatedfieldsorschooling 1
faus - Majorrelatedfield88 2
infographic - 88 Employedinmajorrelatedfield
faus - Professionalinternships4 1
faus - Education9 1
faus - Servicerelated5 1
faus - Law17 1
faus - Government27 1
faus - Nonprofit11 1
faus - Forprofit26 1