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Our Alumni

Alumni 1

Our alumni

Welcome to the alumni page! 72% of our alumni are employed in the major-relevant fields of Law, For-Profit and Non-Profit, Education, and Government.

Learn about the many opportunities and career paths available to our majors, through the stories of some of our alumni. We have arranged this list by each different employment sectors and career paths. See our resource page for a full description of what you can do with a Politics major.

infographic - Whatourgraduatesaredoing
faus - Lawschool16 1
faus - Graduateschool37 1
faus - Relatedfieldsorschooling 1
faus - Majorrelatedfield88 2
infographic - 88 Employedinmajorrelatedfield
faus - Professionalinternships4 1
faus - Education9 1
faus - Servicerelated5 1
faus - Law17 1
faus - Government27 1
faus - Nonprofit11 1
faus - Forprofit26 1