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What can I do with a Politics degree? (or check out charts below)

What opportunities does Messiah provide to learn more about my field?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which students can utilize for the purpose of making professional connections, as well as exploring career and internship opportunities. Follow the link to join the Messiah College Professional Network on LinkedIn and to learn more about how to make the most of this resource.

Politics alumni have pursued various types of graduate degrees:

infographic - Whatourgraduatesaredoing
faus - Lawschool16 1
faus - Graduateschool37 1
faus - Relatedfieldsorschooling 1
faus - Majorrelatedfield88 2
infographic - 88 Employedinmajorrelatedfield
faus - Professionalinternships4 1
faus - Education9 1
faus - Servicerelated5 1
faus - Law17 1
faus - Government27 1
faus - Nonprofit11 1
faus - Forprofit26 1