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Resources & Services

The Information Desk 

The Information Desk at the Student Involvement & Leadership Programs Office is an important place in the Larsen Student Union.  Please visit the Information Desk for any of the following reasons:

    1. Ask a question about a Union event or space
    2. Borrow a board game
    3. Request a specific program on the TV
    4. Receive assistance for any event being held in the Union
    5. Request that the fireplace be turned on

Big-screen TV

  1. The main TV in the Union is pre-programmed to appeal to a common audience while achieving diversity in programming.
  2. The schedule will be interrupted in favor of larger televised events when warranted (news events, World Series, Academy Awards, Olympics, etc.).
  3. Anyone can request that the TV be changed to a specific program.  Reasonable requests will be granted.
  4. The TV will not be on when public events are being held in the Union.

Board games

Board games are available for any student to use.  Students must leave their ID card when borrowing a game.  Games available include:

Outburst Uno
Pictionary Mad Gab
Monopoly The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game
Chess Checkers
Cranium Backgammon
Solitaire Jenga
Dominoes Scrabble
Risk Boggle
Catch Phrase Rummikub
Sorry Apples to Apples
Imaginiff Battle of the Sexes
Phase 10 Skip Bo

  • The Game Room features two pool tables and a foosball table.  The televisions in the game room can be used to watch any station, but please use fingers to change the channel (not pool cues!).
  • The art gallery on the second floor lounge will primarily display student art.  The space is coordinated by the Visual Art Department but reserved through the Larsen Room Reservation box (above), and typically shows pieces from two classes each semester.
  • There is wireless network access throughout the common areas in the Union.
  • The Union Café serves burgers, wraps, pizza, salads, gourmet coffees and smoothies.
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