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  1. Furniture can be moved around within the public spaces of the Union to facilitate group activities, but must be moved back to its original location.
  2. No furniture or equipment may be removed from any space within the Union without prior approval from the Program Coordinator of Larsen Student Union, the Director of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs and/or Campus Events.
  3. Taping of posters or decorations is not permitted on any of the Union doors, painted walls or wood surfaces. Signs may be posted on the doors to the Union only if (1) the event being advertised is occurring that same day, (2) the event is in the Union, (3) sticky tack is used to hang the posters on the glass, and (4) they are taken down after the event.
  4. Posters and other advertisements may be hung on the public bulletin board in the Union located in the Game Room and on the bulletin strips on the pillars on the main level near the booths.  The bulletin board outside of the Pulse is not a public bulletin boar (permission must be obtained from the Pulse staff to hang posters there).  The bulletin board behind glass on the second level of the Union is not a public bulletin boar (permission must be obtained by SAB to hang posters there).
  5. Messiah College is not responsible for any items lost in the building.  Items found in the building should be returned to the Information Desk on the second level of the Union, where they will be held for 2-3 weeks prior to being sent to the campus Lost & Found at Dispatch in the Eisenhower Campus Center.
  6. Skate boarding and rollerblading is not allowed inside the Union.
  7. No ball throwing of any kind inside the Union.
  8. The Resource Room/kitchenette (rm 223) located on the second floor of the Union is for the primary use only of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs, the Intercultural Office, SGA and SAB.
  9. All events in public spaces will be open to the public and free of charge.  There will be no events in the Union that charge admission. 
  10. Typically, public worship events will not be scheduled in the Union.
  11. Because student organizations have priority of scheduling for all Union spaces, academic classes will not be scheduled in the Union.