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Amigo Mentoring Program

The Amigo Peer Mentoring Program

The Amigo Peer Mentoring Program provides a peer mentorship opportunity for students awarded the Amigo Multicultural Scholarship.  To be eligible for this scholarship program, prospective students must be invited to participate in the Lloyd and Lois Martin Multicultural Scholarship process and must fulfill all requirements and eligibility criteria.

Upper class Messiah College students who serve as Amigo mentors will provide guidance on how to better transition to college and adopt positive study skills. Amigos will be matched based on gender, interests and, if possible, majors.


  • Program mentees will feel better prepared to engage successfully in college-related activities, curricular and co-curricular alike.
  • Mentees will receive one-on-one peer guidance on how to manage college expectations, social life and school work. 
  • Mentees will feel connected to at least one upper class student. 
  • Students will feel more connected to the Multicultural Programs Office and will see it as a resource.

Information on Amigo Mentoring Program