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Special Housing Accommodation

Students requiring special housing accommodations due to physical, psychological, or health impairments may request special arrangements through the Office of Disability Services.

Documentation - Acceptable documentation includes letters, records, or reports from your psychologist/ psychiatrist, doctor, physician assistant or comparable professional. A prescription pad statement of disability is inadequate for ADA eligibility. Documentation must include:

  • diagnosis,
  • statement of severity (mild, moderate, severe),
  • how you are disabled as a result of this condition, and
  • the specific accommodations needed and why.

Documentation should be mailed to Disability Services or faxed to (717) 796-5217 by March 5. This information will be kept in a secure file at the Office of Disability Services, and released only with written approval from the student/guest. Documentation must be updated annually, except where the condition is known to be permanent and not showing change.

A Special Housing Request form must also be filed before the posted deadline- March 5 for current students, May 15 for first year students and new transfers. Requests received after that time can only be considered on a space-available basis.   Deadlines for filing requests prior to the housing lottery are posted by the Office of Housing.

At the close of the filing period, representatives from Disability Services, Student Housing, and the Engle Center meet to prioritize the requests by documented need. Factors to be considered include severity of the condition, timing of the request, feasibility, and availability. Student Housing will make room and apartment assignments and notify students as soon as possible.

Dietary Needs:

Students who are requesting special housing because of a dietary need must first meet with the campus nutritionist, Nicole Benner, located in the Engle Health Center. Students can then explore options to meet their needs through the Director of Dining Services.

Personal Care Assistants:

Individuals needing the support of a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) are expected to make arrangements on their own. PCA is not a support required to be provided by the College. Every effort will be made to accommodate students or guests using PCA services. Some assistance may be available in helping to locate suitable individuals who may be willing to work in this role, but at the expense of the person with the disability.

All PCAs and other caregivers, including family members, who need authorized access to campus facilities will be required to submit to background checks. Please plan to allow adequate time (1 week) for background check to be completed prior to the date access is needed.

Assist Animals:

Residents or visitors wishing to keep an assist animal in their rooms are required to follow campus policies on registration (see Assist Animals link in the left column), verify that the animal is an assist animal rather than a pet, and provide an acceptable plan for caring for and cleaning up after the animal.  Guests of the College who require special accommodations or services may request them through the Conference Services office. Disability Services works cooperatively with Conference Services to arrange accommodations, when possible.

Please know that the deadline for Residents to request permission for assist animals to live in dorms is March 5 for Fall semester and November 1 for Spring semester.  All questions related to this accommodation can be forwarded to the Office of Disability Services.