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Service for Chapel Program

A unique opportunity for students to serve locally is through the Service for Chapel (S4C) Credit program in partnership with the College Ministries Office on campus. In place of attending chapel services, students serve as team leaders alongside local community partners through Outreach Teams.

By being a team leader, participants will:

  • Help drive to and from the location of service.
  • Facilitate reflection around spiritual formation, relating to their service experience (either on site or during the ride).
  • Serve regularly with a specific team and community partner.
  • Maintain regular communication and attendance tracking with community partners and Outreach coordinators.


  • Provide an alternate option to fulfill chapel credit through service, encouraging students to understand service as an integral part of faithful discipleship in God's community.
  • Develop leaders who are capable of facilitating reflection on service and faith.
  • Encourage consistent service as a lifestyle during college and beyond.

Who Can Apply?

  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply to participate as long as they become regular team leaders.
  • Students who are on chapel, academic, or disciplinary probation will not be accepted.
  • Admission is on a first come, first serve basis.


  • Messiah College approved license
  • 1 orientation chapel
  • A minimum of 16 hours of service in one particular Outreach team per semester (around 8-10 site visits) as a Team Leader
    • If a student is sick or needs to miss a visit, it is their responsibility to find a replacement to drive. If they cannot, they need to let the CP, team coordinator, and Kathy Gates know as soon as possible.
  • 1 Debrief Chapel

Application Process :

Please contact Outreach Teams to sign up for a particular team. Signups will begin on Monday, February 9th and will end on Tuesday, February 10th.

Spring 2015 Program Schedule:

February 9-10: S4C signups
February 16: Outreach teams begin
February 17: Service For Chapel orientation (during chapel in Boyer 131)
May 5: Debrief chapel (during chapel in Boyer 131)

Signup is on a first come, first serve basis.

See the Spring 2015 Flyer for a complete list of service opportunities.

You are highly encouraged to attend any additional volunteer training sessions offered.

For More Information:

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
View our Team Leader Resources page.

Still have questions?

Contact Ashley Sheaffer,
Director for Co-corricular Service Learning
Phone: (717) 796-1800 x7255