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Transfer credits

Messiah College welcomes transfer students.

We want to make the process of transferring your eligible credits and enrolling at Messiah College as easy and seamless as possible, while maintaining the highest level of academic rigor and integrity. Graduate students may transfer graduate coursework, including credits earned to complete a previous master's degree, whether at Messiah College or elsewhere, that meet the following conditions:

  1. The coursework must have been completed from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. The credits are graduate level.
  3. A minimum grade of a "B" was earned for each course.
  4. The credits must have been completed within the last seven years (see individual programs for exceptions).
  5. The course is not listed as one that is required to have been completed at Messiah College (see individual programs for restrictions).
  6. Currently enrolled students who wish to take credits at another institution and then have them transferred to Messiah College must have written approval of the program coordinator/director prior to starting coursework.
  7. The number of credits to be transferred does not exceed the maximum allowed in the student's program (see transfer credit chart below).  

Note: Only credits and courses are eligible to be transferred.  Grades earned at the original institution are not calculated in the Messiah College grade point average. 

Students who wish to transfer credits must have an official transcript sent to the Messiah College Graduate Admissions Office and complete this form in order to request that a course or courses be approved for transfer credit. The program coordinator/director has the final authority on all transfer credit decisions. Transferred credits become part of the student's program of study and it is the student's responsibility to work with his/her advisor to carefully schedule remaining coursework.


For process/procedure questions regarding transfer credit contact Allan C. Mathew, Director of Graduate Enrollment, at or (717) 796-5061.

Graduate Degree Program Credits Allowable Number of Transfer Credits Courses that must be completed
at Messiah College
Business Administration  36  9 BUSA 501, BUSA 590, COMM 550, SENT 530, SENT 540, SENT 550
Clinical Mental Health Counseling 60 18 COUN 501, COUN 520, COUN 540, COUN 580, COUN 581, COUN 582
Curriculum and Instruction 30 6 EDME 503, EDME 525, EDME 534
Doctor of Nursing Practice 86 18 NURS 601, NURS 602, NURS 620, NURS 623, NURS 632, NURS 721, NURS 722, NURS 731, NURS 732
Higher Education 36 9 HIED 511, HIED 562, HIED 563, HIED 565
Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling 60 18 COUN 501, COUN 520, COUN 540, COUN 573, COUN 587, COUN 588, COUN 589
Music Conducting 30 6 MUAP 504, MUSI 501, MUSI 502, MUSI 503, Applied Lessons
Master of Science in Nursing 39 9 NURS 530, NURS 531
Master of Occupational Therapy 80 9 OCCU 530, OCCU 535, OCCU 535L, OCCU 540, OCCU 555, OCCU 555L, OCCU 562, OCCU 565, OCCU 565L, OCCU 570, OCCU 572, OCCU 573, OCCU 580, OCCU 583, OCCU 586, OCCU 590 and greater
School Counseling 60 18 COUN 501, COUN 520, COUN 540, COUN 583, COUN 584, COUN 585
Special Education 30 6 EDME 530, EDME 531
Special Education (Courses Leading to Special Education PA Certification) 39 12 EDME 530, EDME 531
Strategic Leadership 30 6 LEAD 501, LEAD 590
TESOL 33 6 EDME 521, EDME 533
TESOL (Courses Leading to PA  ESL Certification) 37 9 EDME 521, EDME 532, EDME 533, EDME 542