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Messiah Online FAQs


What courses are being offered for summer 2017?
How long is Messiah's summer session and when does it run?
Are Messiah College's summer course credits transferable to other institutions?
Who teaches Messiah's summer courses?
Are all of Messiah College's summer courses offered for academic credit?
If I'm a current Messiah student, will my summer course credits count towards my Messiah degree?


Who is eligible to take summer courses at Messiah? How do I register?
How many summer courses may I register for?


How much do summer session courses cost? Are course material costs included?
When is payment due for summer session?
What is Messiah's refund policy for summer session?
Does Messiah offer financial aid for summer session?


How do I purchase textbooks for online courses?

The Online Format

What is the format of Messiah's online courses--how do they work?
How much time should I expect to engage in an online course?
How can I help prepare myself to succeed as an online student?
What are Messiah's technology requirements for online courses?
Will Messiah College provide me with technical support if I take an online course?

Online Courses During the Academic Year

Does Messiah offer online courses during the academic year?


May I audit an online course?


Who should I contact if I have additional questions about summer session?