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Student Time Sheet Instructions

Enter Hours Worked:

  • For each day worked, enter the number of hours worked in the corresponding square on the chart.
    • Do not simply place a total at the end of the week or a grand total at the end of the pay period. Hours must be recorded for each day that work was performed.
    • Do not write the student's work schedule in the square. Enter hours for each day that work was performed.
    • Do not write "hours" or "hrs" beside the number.
  • Enter hours worked by rounding up to the the next quarter hour.
    • Do not use fractions. Use decimals - .25, .5, .75 .
    • Do not enter a zero on days that no work was performed. Leave the square empty.
    • Do not use other markings such as "/" or "x" or "-".
  • Enter hours on the correct time sheet.
    • Do not add hours to the time sheet for work performed on dates outside the range covered by the time sheet. Get the correct time sheet from the Payroll Office if you do not have one.

Total the Hours:

  • Add up the hours worked each week and place the total in the square at the end of the week.
  • Add up the total hours each week and place the grand total in the square at the bottom of the total column.
  • Double check all arithmetic.
    • By the time that the time sheet is completed, it should have been checked by two people -- the student and the supervisor. With this in mind, the Payroll Office does not take the time to check your arithmetic again.

Sign the Time Sheet:

  • The student must sign and date the time sheet.
  • The supervisor must sign and date the time sheet.

Submit the Time Sheet:

  • Time sheets are easier to process if they are not stapled or taped.
  • Time sheets may be sent through campus mail to the Payroll Office, box 3010.
  • Time sheets may be dropped into the Payroll mailbox on the counter in the Payroll Office, Old Main, first floor.

Additional Information:

  • Make sure that any corrections you make are very clear. Use liquid paper (white-out) if necessary.
  • Make sure markings are dark. The time sheet will be scanned for archival purposes and pencil markings do not copy well.
  • If the student did not work, the time sheet may be destroyed or submitted blank. When submitting a blank time sheet, it should contain at least the supervisor's signature.
  • Students and supervisors may make copies of the time sheet for their personal records.