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Degree concentrations

HIED Summer Session 2014

Messiah College's Master of Arts in higher education offers five concentrations, allowing students to choose a focused area of study that best advances their academic and professional goals.


Academic support

The academic support concentration prepares students to understand and cultivate effective learning environments and to develop programs that meet the academic needs of a variety of student populations. In addition, students will gain a clear understanding of how effective curricular and co-curricular programs are developed and assessed. This concentration is designed for those aspiring to serve or advance in a variety of professional capacities, including academic advising, career development, and student retention in colleges and universities. View required core courses and academic support services concentration courses.

College athletics leadership

The college athletics leadership concentration prepares professionals to administer successful athletic programs and to serve the unique needs of student athletes. Students are well prepared for all facets of athletic administration, including events management, sports marketing and sponsorship, and compliance and regulation. This concentration is designed for those aspiring to serve or advance in such professional roles as college coach, athletic director, sports information, facilities management, and recreational sports. View required core courses and college athletics leadership concentration courses.

Strategic leadership

The strategic leadership concentration is designed for those aiming to advance their career and opportunities in higher education by becoming more effective at leading people and organizations. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership, including the ethical and character-based elements of leadership, and also assess and advance their own abilities as leaders. View required core courses and strategic leadership concentration courses.

Student affairs

The student affairs concentration is designed for those serving or aspiring to serve college students by developing co-curricular programs and influencing the educational environment to enhance student learning and development. Students will gain a full understanding of how college students grow and how to orient programs and services to advance holistic development. This concentration is designed for those serving or aspiring to serve in such professional capacities as leadership development, orientation, intercultural programs, admissions, residence life, student conduct, community service, and similar areas in higher education institutions. View required core courses and student affairs concentration courses.


The individualized concentration enables students to create their own area of concentration that best suits their educational and professional needs. Students pull together coursework from across content areas in order to advance their expertise in a focused area. View required core courses and individual concentration courses.