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Mission and outcomes

MBA Woman in Office

Developing faithful and ethical leaders

The mission of Messiah College graduate programs in business and leadership is to develop leaders to be a faithful presence in business, church and society. The programs address the following specific outcomes and objectives within a framework of Being, Knowing and Doing:

Program Being:
Striving to gain a Christ-like perspective about your field and vocation.
Gaining advanced knowledge of business, leadership and self.
Applying skills and knowledge that result in practical results.

Outcomes for the Certificate in Leadership

The graduate is pursuing faithful leadership.
The graduate is self-aware regarding his or her leadership abilities and limitations and understands how to successfully lead others.
The graduate is prepared to lead in a manner that inspires people to follow.

Outcomes for the Certificate in Management

The graduate conceptualizes management as stewardship.
The graduate understands the tools and best practices for transforming resources into results.
The graduate has the skills to transform resources into results.

Outcomes for the Master of Strategic Leadership

All of the above outcomes

Outcomes for the MBA
All of the above plus:

The graduate conceptualizes organizations as agents of the common good.
The graduate understands stakeholder interests and how to satisfy them concurrently.
The graduate has the necessary skills to run an organization effectively.