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Ernest L. Boyer, Sr. developed hundreds of different resources, from his own books and papers, to those written about him. This site gives an overview of some of those works. Those interested in learning more about the works of Ernest L. Boyer, Sr. can visit the Boyer Center to learn more about his life and legacy.


Selected London Times Articles

An excerpt from an email that President Kim Phipps received from an alumnus who took the time to express his appreciation for the quality of the education he received during his time at Messiah College:


“President Phipps, 


My name is Jared Law-Penrose and I am former student (graduated in 2008). I wanted to send you a note and express how much I value my education at Messiah College. I have just completed my first year in the Ph.D. program for Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. … Through the Boyer Scholars program, a few conversations with Dr. Hughes, and reading Vocation of the Christian Scholar, I have come to firmly believe that Christian faith can indeed sustain the life of the mind. It is clear from my first three months at Purdue that scholarship is a vocation (although those within academia pursue vocation versus career to varying degrees). My belief in Christ does not conflict with my role as a novice researcher. The questions I am asking, exploring, and researching as a Ph.D. student in a business school are driven by my worldview and faith in Christ. This does not mean, however, that the topics I am studying are “religious” in nature. Rather, my faith complements my role as a scholar. However, it is not enough be a Christian and a scholar. These roles must interact, as Steve Garber (The Fabric of Faithfulness) would say, belief must influence behavior. My role as a novice researcher and a follower of Christ are inextricable… they interact in a synergistic way and allow me to be a scholar with a “faith seeking understanding.”


Thank you for your role in my development. There is no doubt about the value of the education at Messiah College. Messiah College is an institution that integrates academic excellence and faith development. Not only has my experience at Messiah College prepared me for an academically rigorous graduate program, it has helped me to ask the questions that shape my faith. …”