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Career Options

This page will address the concerns of students and parents regarding the usefulness of a history degree in today's (and tomorrow's) marketplace. Given the costs of higher education and the rapidly changing work environment, doubts about whether a history B.A. is a good economic investment are quite understandable. Furthermore, as is traditional with liberal arts majors, students majoring in history often remain unclear about how to link their chosen major with the world of work after college. So we hope this page will help first- and second-year students to clarify the linkages between their studies and their employability, and in the hope that it will help Juniors and Seniors to plan for and take the steps necessary to assure a successful transition from the world of collegiate studies to the world of career and work

In the last decade our history majors have gained admission into such graduate institutions as Duke University, Harvard University, Lehigh University, Penn State University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Syracuse University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Temple University, University of Delaware, University of Illinois, University of Hawaii, Loyola-Chicago, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh, University of Toronto, University of Virginia, Villanova University, Winterthur Museum Program in Early American Civilization, Yale University, and Yale University Law School, to name but a few. They have pursued graduate degrees in fields ranging from history, museum studies, material culture, law, education, special education, library science and seminary to English, communications, sociology, theater, and environmental policy. Our department therefore has a strong track record of success when it comes to graduate school preparation, and our students have excelled in a wide range of professional careers