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Student Meal Plan

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We are pleased to offer the Dining Dollars meal plan and the Ala Carte meal plan for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The Dining Dollars meal plan is required for all students living in traditional housing. The Ala Carte meal plan is designed for students who are living in campus apartments, satellite housing or are commuting.  You may make your selection in Student Housebook, or contact Dining Services at

Please review the chart below for information on each meal plan:

Helpful Information
Is there an operations charge?
What is the total meal plan cost?
What is the spendable dollar amount?
Who is eligible to purchase the plan?
Is there a discount on purchases?
Where can the meal plan be used?
Can additional funds be added to the meal plan throughout the semester?
Do leftover funds carry over?
How can I check my balance?
Can the meal plan be charged to the Bursar account?

Additional Information:

For more information:  please see the 2014-2015 Meal Plan FAQ Sheet.
New information regarding: Lottie Nelson Pricing 2014-2015.
Cancellation/Agreement Adjustments:  see the 2014-2015 Meal Plan Agreement Form.