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Members of the Outdoors Club have the ability to take full advantage of any of the activities and trips we sponsor as a club. Every semester the club receives a budget from the Student Government Association (SGA) which provides us with the funds to make most of our activities possible. This means that there are rarely activities where members must pay a fee. Transportation is most always provided for all trips. There are many other advantages, and some are listed here:

  • All club activities
  • Equipment lending
  • Small library of outdoor resources (books, magazines, maps, catalogs)
  • Opportunity for spiritual growth
  • Leadership training
  • Instruction for outdoor activities
  • Activities ranging from beginner to expert
  • Directions to outdoors activity locations
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Membership is FREE


  • To enjoy and appreciate God's Creation that He has given to us.
  • To bring together people who enjoy outdoor events and activities.
  • To grow spiritually through sharing with others and through experiences in the Creation together.
  • To help our environment and community through acts of service.
  • To develop proficiency in selected outdoor recreational skills, and an awareness of safety when participating.
  • To learn to have a respect for the natural environment that is around us.


The officers of the club put a strong emphasis on leadership of our members. Leadership is an important characteristic that we encourage our members to become proficient in, and there is ample opportunity to get involved in leadership positions in the club.

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