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International Business Major

International Business Major

International Business at Messiah College

Gain hands-on international business experience at Messiah College.

The international business major at Messiah College is designed to help you become a global, Christian business person in both vocation and ministry.

The International Business Institute (IBI), places you in Europe, Russia, India and China where you will visit international corporations and also hear special lectures by visiting scholars. You’ll even take several international business and economics courses taught by professors from participating Christian colleges. The combination of these groundbreaking experiences will expose you to many facets of international business from developed to emerging practices and environments.

Later, as a fully immersed Global Christian with direct international experience, you’ll be well prepared to choose from careers in business, missions, graduate school, entrepreneurship, law, finance, economic development and more. 

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Students in the international business program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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