(as of 4/30/09)

As of March 24, 2009, no refunds will be available on received exhibit contracts or program booklet advertisements. Thank you and we look forward to seeing all of you here in May.

EXHIBIT SPACE IS SOLD OUT for all Non-SOund and Sound Producing spaces. We thank you and appreciate your interest in ITG 2009.


Adams Musical Instruments The Netherlands
A "minor" Tune Up Delaware
Andreas Eastman Wind Instruments Maryland
Antoine Courtois Florida
Blackburn Trumpets Tennessee
B & S Challenger Trumpet Indiana
Berps and Bags California
The Buzz Clip Georgia
Callet Trumpets Pennsylvania
Conn-Selmer, Inc. Indiana
DF Music Enterpise, Inc. Illinois
Dillon Music New Jersey
Eclipse Trumpets UK United Kingdom
Edwards Instruments Wisconsin
Fanfarecaseworks Ohio
Gemstone Musical Instruments Indiana
Getzen Company, Inc. Wisconsin
Giddings and Webster Washington
GR Technologies Wisconsin
Harrelson Trumpets Minnesota
Harrison Mouthpieces British Columbia, Canada
Hebei Jinyin Musical Instruments China
Hub van Laar Trumpets The Netherlands
Jupiter Band Instruments Texas
Kanstul Musical Instruments California
Ken Larson's BrassWerks Michiga
Mouthpiece Express Virginia
Pickett Brass Kentucky
Pro Winds Indiana
Royalton Music Center Ohio
Schilke Music Products Illinois
S.E. Shires Custom Brass


Smith-Watkins Arizona
Sonaré Winds Massachusetts
Spencer Trumpets U.K. United Kingdom
Stomvi California
Stork Custom Mouthpieces Vermont
Takata Trumpets Maryland
TrumCor, Inc. Texas
Trumpetech & Hammond Design Illinois
Trumpets Plus New York
Warburton Music Products Florida
Washington Music Center Maryland
Yamaha Corporation California
Zaja Musical Products Pennsylvania


Non-Sound Producing

AK Brass Press Pennsylvania
Brelmat Music Pennsylvania
The Brass Herald United Kingdom
Charles Colin Publication New York
Chase Sanborn/Brass Tactics Ontario, Canada
Chosen Vale Institute New Hampshire
Chop Saver Indiana
Crown Music Press Illinois
Eighth Note Publications Ontario, Canada
Hickey’s Music Center New York
Hickman Music Editions Arizona
Indorf Instrument Repair Ohio
La Tromba Music Productions Germany
Pasquina Publishing California
Pitchfinder/Buzzit New York
Prairie Dawg Press Kansas
The Reinhardt Foundation New Hampshire
Select-A-Press Texas
Stanton's Sheet Music Ohio
Stephenson Music Illinois
Stevens-Costello Embouchure New York
TCE Studio - Buccian Cantorum New Jersey
TREverson Music Massachusetts
Triplo Press Ohio
U.S. Army Fife and Drum Washington, D.C.
Wiseman Cases London United Kingdom