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Journalism Major

Journalism Major

Journalism at Messiah College

The study of journalism at Messiah College reaches across multimedia platforms, including both new media and traditional media such as online media, television, radio and newspaper/magazine, and reflects the fast-paced changes occurring in this field today.

As a journalism major at Messiah College, you’ll develop the creative and critical thinking skills in high demand by many of today's employers. You're also strongly urged to take a minor to help apply your growing journalistic skills to a particular area of expertise, such as environmental science, economics, politics, religion, urban studies and more! 

You'll gain practical experience through required participation in The Pulse: Messiah College Media Hub where all student-run media on campus (newspaper, yearbook, television and radio station) are integrated into a multimedia lab environment which simulates the changing and converging landscape of contemporary journalism.

At Messiah, you’ll explore the often-complex nature of contemporary media, while being encouraged to think and act responsibly about the relationship between Christian faith and journalistic practices. Additional hands-on experiences such as work-study programs, internships, interacting with visiting writers and engaging in classroom discussions will fully prepare you for an exciting career in journalism, media, public relations, marketing, missions, or for graduate school.

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