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Messiah College’s Community Response to Hurricane Katrina

In response to the devastation along the Gulf Coast of the United States after Hurricane Katrina, Messiah College students, employees and faculty have organized the following campus responses:

Total Donations Received:
(as of October 17, 2005)

To learn more about how to give, or who has given, please visit our donations page.
Members of the Messiah College community who are interested in participating in any of these relief-related activities should contact the Agapé Center for Service and Learning at (717) 766-2511, extension 7255 or at

Efforts occurring through October, 2005:
  • During the week of October 16th-23rd we are having a team serve in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Please pray for their service efforts.  To learn more about them, click here.
  • Prayer Chapel Available:
    The prayer chapel located in Fry Apartments basement is available for prayer and meditation 24 hours a day.
    On October 8th Messiah successfully created 250 Health Kits that were donated along with $250 to Mission Central.  These kits were being delivered to Louisiana the next week.  To learn more about the details that went into organizing these efforts, click here.

  • The College will continue to collect funds to be donated to the Mennonite Disaster Service, the relief and development agency of the Mennonite USA church, which also has connections to the Brethren in Christ church, the founding denomination of Messiah College.

  • Currently there is an open invitation for a displaced family to live in a house in Grantham owned by the College. The College will help the family relocate to the central Pennsylvania area and also provide campus employment. If you know of a family in need, please contact Greg Anderson at, or (717) 766-2511.

  • Go to the Service Trips page to see how our future plans to serve the areas affected Hurricane Katrina.
Efforts still in the planning stages:
  • The College Ministries staff is currently organizing special chapel services to address related topics, such as the following: “How do we respond? Where is God during disasters?;” “Recognizing the need for grief: the theology of lament;” “How relief is done: the process of organizing emergency relief efforts;” and “How to select an organization for donation.” For more information, contact Eldon Fry, college pastor, at (717) 766-2511, extension 6520, or at

  • The Local Community Service staff is checking to see if Messiah College could participate in Habitat for Humanity’s “Operation Home Delivery” – a project where homes will be constructed in various locations across the country and then delivered to the affected areas once the land is de-polluted. For more information, contact Becky Owen, local community services director, at (717) 766-2511, extension 7255 or at
Monetary donations continue to be collected through the Agapé Center for Service and Learning for the Mennonite Disaster Service.

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