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Marketing Major

Marketing Major

Marketing at Messiah College 

At Messiah, you get to “do” marketing through our flexible curriculum by writing real marketing plans, providing research services for businesses, and even participating in the sales component of marketing.

As a marketing major at Messiah College, you'll develop the ability to use your critical thinking skills and creativity to prepare marketing communication plans and develop advertising campaigns – even participate in national advertising campaigns – and provide research services for local nonprofit organizations. Campus organizations may even ask you to use your developing marketing skills to gather information and to promote their activities. You'll learn how to identify ethical issues related to marketing and to articulate personal responses that reflect your commitment to Christian principles. 

And, as you learn more about the role marketing processes such as advertising, selling, and communications play in the development of economies throughout the world, you'll gain an in-depth understanding about how the marketing process helps organizations focus their resources and attention on meeting customer needs and wants.

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