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Mathematics Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

Mathematics Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

Mathematics at Messiah College

Messiah College’s Bachelor of Arts in mathematics degree with an option for a secondary teaching certification and/or a statistics minor is unique among Christian colleges of comparable size.

A degree in mathematics from Messiah College will challenge you to integrate your Christian faith and the field of mathematical sciences. Our classical Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in mathematics provides a broad-based program with a liberal arts emphasis, ensuring you’ll have not only the required analytical and technical skills to become a successful mathematician, but you’ll also be a great communicator with a solid writing and interdisciplinary foundation. 

Mathematics major distinctives
Career options for mathematics majors
Internship, research and teaching opportunities for mathematics majors

About the mathematics (B.A.) program

Mathematics majors learn to appreciate the logical beauty of mathematical thought and how to use it to solve many kinds of problems. After you take the foundational courses taught by accomplished faculty, you choose from theoretical and applied mathematics courses as you pursue career objectives.

Through Messiah College’s nationally recognized internship program, research opportunities with professors and hands-on class projects, you gain the practical experience needed to prepare you for your first job or to further pursue your study in a graduate degree program.

By going beyond the realm of facts and numbers, you’ll develop the skills sought in almost every sector of the job market including engineering, science, telecommunications, computer services and software, aerospace, automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, government, and more.

Teaching certification  

And if teaching interests you, you can apply to Messiah’s teacher education program in addition to your mathematics degree. You’ll take required mathematics courses and also take a sequence of education courses that prepare you to take the state-required exam to become a certified secondary (grades 7-12) mathematics teacher in public or private schools. Qualified mathematics teachers are in demand, and graduates seeking teaching positions have had a 100 percent job placement record in the last decade.