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Media, Culture and Technology Major

Media, Culture and Technology Major

Media, Culture and Technology at Messiah College

Considering a career in the contemporary media industry? Then you’ll want to take advantage of the hands-on media production, research and management opportunities at Messiah College.

As a graduate of Messiah College’s media, culture and technology program, you’ll have become a successful communicator—someone who doesn’t simply convey a message, but relates the message in a compelling and confident way. 

Messiah’s students enjoy several distinct advantages. First, our close proximity to Harrisburg, the state capital, provides numerous internship opportunities in television, radio, new media, video production and more. We also encourage students to hone their skills on campus through The Pulse, Messiah's media hub that takes an integrated, multi-platform approach to news reporting on campus and incorporates all student-run media outlets. 

The media, culture and technology major also provides foundational knowledge for serious media study. The most unique aspect about this major at Messiah is that it is studied through the eyes of a Christian scholar, allowing you to integrate your faith in the exciting field of communication.

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