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A prayer from World Student Christian Federation

A prayer for the people of the Philippines, Indonesia, Tonga, and Samoa


O Lord: People have lost homes, personal possessions, places of worship, schools, public infrastructure.

Messiah Community: Help them rebuild.


O Lord: People have no food, water, and shelter.

Messiah Community: Bring the basic necessities to those in need. Help communities and relief agencies work with speed and discernment; help aid to arrive on time.


O Lord: People have lost loved ones.

Messiah Community: Help them to find the bodies for burial and closure; where this is not possible, help people find other ways to grieve. Bring healing and hope to those who have lost family and friends.


O Lord: People have lost a sense of security.

Messiah Community: Let people feel a sense of dignity restored as they find solutions for the future.


O Lord: People have struggled with God.

Messiah Community: Let people know Your loving presence with them.


O God, we are overwhelmed in the presence of such loss and suffering. Make us instruments of assistance and comfort to one another, and especially to those who have lost much. Guide us all with your Holy Spirit. Comfort your people. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirity. Amen. Amen.